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BeautyLab Micropolish Dermabrasion

BeautyLab Micropolish Dermabrasion

Rejuvenate, refine and polish your skin to perfection, and recapture its luminosity with this youth-boosting exfoliating treatment. Glycolic acid works to remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells, smooth away uneven skin texture, add brightness and support collagen – which in turn, helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Quartz lifts impurities and further buffs, while antimicrobial radish root peptide, with its exceptional moisturising properties, helps to combat excessive dryness. Anti-inflammatory blackcurrant hydrates and softens the skin, as gold helps to improve its elasticity. The complexion is left soft to the touch, renewed and radiant.


Polishes, conditions, refines and renews

Exfoliates for improved skin smoothness and brightness

Deeply hydrates and moisturises

Helps to reduce the appearance of uneven skin and fine lines and wrinkles

Supports collagen production and boosts firmness

Skin Suitability

Created for skin that is aged, prematurely aged, dry, dull or lacking resilience; with fine lines and wrinkles